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  1. To remove bad cc you can see in create-a-sim - Delete from the Launcher
  2. To prevent files reattaching themselves after removal - Delete 0x codes
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Wednesday, 17 March 2021

How to get unbroken Free Custom Content for The Sims 3 without bugs, glitches or nightwear in your day-wear!

Each to their own, but I don't like Swimwear in my Formal attire. You just know the game will choose the misplaced outfits for sims all over town! However, all this is personal preference.

The kind of glitches that can't be ignored and ruin the game, are because the outfit is categorised for a different age or character than it was built for. Behold:

As quick and (delusion-ally) safe as it seems to download through The Sims 3 exchange, when you calculate the time spent looking for adorable outfits, and the time getting the bad ones out again, you've wasted time! Instead I'd like to direct you to THE SIMS RESOURCE

I'd like to mention at this point, this is not a paid post or advert of any kind.

The Sims resource is completely free with over a million pieces of content. It is NOT IMMUNE from bad content, but you can SEE IN ADVANCE where the content is saved, as in, which age range and which dress categories. Behold the Creator Notes tab. The best Tab you'll ever meet! Simply click on the outfit or object you want, scroll down to the bright green Download button, and there you'll find the Creator Notes tab.

We can clearly see, this teenage top won't break in the game. Time and frustration saved!

TSR is completely free and has items for every aspect of the game. Download as much as you want. There are no restrictions, but there are ads which slow down each download by 10 seconds. Personally I don't find this a bother at all. 

If you want to spend a few days downloading without the time restriction you can pay $3.99 for a month of ad-free downloading. There's no contract, you're not obligated to continue a paid membership. You can pay once for a month, gather everything you want, including HAIRSTYLES, SHOES, FURNITURE, LOTS and much much more.


On a side note there is another feature to help prevent Bad CC making its way into your game. 

I've not personally tried the TSR CC Manager, but if people are interested I will buy the membership and review it for all of us to have a good nose through. Let me know in the comments if this is something you'd like to see. I must say it does look good in the thumbnail, I'm very tempted. But this article is about FREE Custom content so we will leave that for another day if the demand calls for it. Let me know what you think. 

If you are charmed by the "Everything Sucks" top in this post you can download it here.


Friday, 30 August 2013

How to Find CC not showing in the Launcher

Looking in the right Place
If you have the second file type, you can learn how to remove 
them on this page

Limitations of the Launcher
The launcher can only display around 500 items at a time. So if you have more, they drop off the list. Use the 'Sims' tab. This will reload 500 items without showing patterns, objects, lots and uncategorized content.

If they STILL aren't showing, the only known option is to delete accessories, make-up and shoes you don't use. If you've downloaded this much content from the exchange there's bound to be items you can ditch.

Bad CC still in game after being deleted

There's a folder called 'SavedSims' if any of these sims happen to be wearing the bad cc you've removed, it still shows in the game. 

Take the sims out of the folder, but don't delete them just in case something you like disappears with them. (files that delete with sims) Sit them on the desktop so they're easy to find. Run the game and if this has fixed the bad cc but taken things you like, you can just pop them back in the folder, take off the things you like and save to a clean sim, then go ahead and delete them.

You MUST make sure the 0x code associated to the bad cc you have has been deleted BEFORE you save a new sim. They can stick to the new sims you create, without being worn. Remember these files 'hide' on sims, this is how you got them. Once the 0x code has gone, that file can no longer be saved. Even if you tried to save it, it simply won't be there.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Bad CC 2013: Arezzo Cabinet and other objects

Click to Enlarge
Late last year the Arezzo bathroom cabinet started attaching itself to Sims. Now there are many objects and buildings that shouldn't be attached to Sims! 

Simmers have been reporting that the Arezzo bathroom cabinet causes game problems. So it's probably best to get rid of it.

How to Remove Arezzo Bathroom Cabinet

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sims 3 Hair: Best of the Exchange 2013

Here are my favorite hairstyles from the exchange so far this year. No other cc just hair. Not made by me, I just play them. All sims3packs so ALL visible in the launcher for easy uninstall. You don't need expansions or store content to install them.

Tip: Check the installed content tab immediately after installing. All the content just installed will be gathered together at the bottom so you can take out any you don't like easily. Once you play the game or close the launcher, they all go random again. (handy to know for when you accidentally pick up hidden bad content too)

Download this Sim 

Download this Sim