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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Bad CC 2013: Arezzo Cabinet and other objects

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Late last year the Arezzo bathroom cabinet started attaching itself to Sims. Now there are many objects and buildings that shouldn't be attached to Sims! 

Simmers have been reporting that the Arezzo bathroom cabinet causes game problems. So it's probably best to get rid of it.

How to Remove Arezzo Bathroom Cabinet
Thankfully its' nice and easy to find and uninstall. 
Remember: Removing the Ox codes is how we stop them being sneakily shared! That's how you get them in the first place. They sneakily stick with no thumbnail to any new Sim created and shared. 

Delete this file to stop it spreading:

More Sticky Objects

Some of the content is actually quite nice and works. But there are a few that don't.  Like this cabinet for example. Sadly its' not categorized in 'objects' so it's harder to find under the 'all' tab. 

I don't have the Ox code. It's easy enough to get it's just time consuming. I haven't noticed any other corruption in the game by leaving it there. I have it in one house. I find it quite amusing. If I start to get game problems I will go through the entire list and get the Ox's for each item.

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Why is this happening?

I suspect it has to do with the program they are being made on, and the settings the users are choosing. With Clothing its easy to see that any item categorized in Naked/singed will almost certainly stick to new sims without being selected and without a thumbnail. They act in essence the same as real nude files that are suppose to play in the shower/bath under pixels.

As I get more time, I'll delve more in to the area and see what I can come up with. In the meantime, not many of them appear to do any harm. If they become a problem I will gather the Ox codes for each item so we can start deleting those codes and slow down the spread of these files.

Just to give you an idea of HOW much content is now sticking like this - Here's a list of sticky content I've picked up over the past few months without intending to. I have about half the objects and half the lots in the game and they are working fine all in all. No unusual game behavior that I can see.

Lots: buildings, houses

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  1. I'm so happy i find your site <3 i found lots of stuff that are not supposed to be in my sims. Thank you very very much, love you!