Removing CC Tips

  1. To remove bad cc you can see in create-a-sim - Delete from the Launcher
  2. To prevent files reattaching themselves after removal - Delete 0x codes
  3. How to remove files not showing in the launcher Read More...

Sims 3 Cheats

***These cheats are for PC
First Open Cheat Text Bar 
From Anywhere in The Sims 3 game: First hold down CTRL and SHIFT. Then press C. This brings up the Command box at the top of your screen.

To view All the cheats available to your game, simply type Help in to the cheat box. There are new cheats available with every expansion :)

Sims 3 List of best Cheats

Money Cheat $1000 = Kaching
Money Cheat $50.000 = Motherlode

Reset your Sim = resetsim (followed by your Sims full name example: resetsim jane doe) 
This is useful when your sims get stuck in the game. It resets the needs bars to neutral and moves your Sim back to its' original house.

Unlock all outfits = unlockoutfits on (and unlockoutfits off to lock them)
Unlocks all career outfits and all NCP outfits

Full Control Mode = testingcheatsenabled true (Use "false" to turn it off)
In this mode you are able to hold shift and click on your sim, mail box, lots and their workplaces to access: 
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  • Make Sims needs Static so they never get tired or hungry (Mailbox)
  • Choose any Career path and level for your Sims (Mailbox)
  • Force events and opportunities at your sims workplace (Work building)
  • Fully Edit any Sim, including looks, body type, gender and age in CAS (Sim)
  • Trigger age transition (without needing to enter cas) (Sim)
  • Make friends for them and/or make everyone in town know them (Mailbox)
  • Force Ncp (Mailbox)

Thought bubble cheat = hideheadlineeffects on (Use "off" to bring them back) 
Removes the thought bubbles over Sims heads. Useful for making your own movies or photo stories.

Movie maker cheat = moviemakercheatsenabled true (and false to turn them off)
This cheat works with Sims 3 Generations It enables Sims to pose when you video them Read more about it and other generations cheats here


Happy Simming!