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  2. To prevent files reattaching themselves after removal - Delete 0x codes
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Monday, 16 April 2012

Long hairstyles for Sims 3 (Clean CC)

Long hair for Sims 3

I have taken all the hair that works well in the game and fits properly. I've put the hairstyles on to Basic Sims for easy download straight from my Exchange page To be on the safe side the sim is dressed in Base Game clothing with no extra shoes, make-up or accessories. These are adult sims. I will do teens and toddlers soon too.

Super Long Hair - Go to download page

Long Hair - Go to download page

Long Hair w/accessories - Go to download page

Long Hair Tied up  - Go to download page

I am not the creator of this or any hair you will see on this blog. 
The hair here came from the Sims 3 exchange 


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  1. Thank you so much! I've had some bad CC experiences (your blog was extremely helpful) and have decided to give up on CC from sites other than th eExchange, since I can't download 7-zip.

    1. I download individual items no need to unzip then plus bad cc sticks to sims not individual clothing.

      When you download from the exchange, when you install them if you go to the installed tab before starting the game, you will see everything you installed grouped together at the bottom of the list (sometimes the top) This gives you a one off chance to easily see if any of the bad cc unpacked with the sims. They go random as soon as the launcher closes though.