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  1. To remove bad cc you can see in create-a-sim - Delete from the Launcher
  2. To prevent files reattaching themselves after removal - Delete 0x codes
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Friday, 30 August 2013

How to Find CC not showing in the Launcher

Looking in the right Place
If you have the second file type, you can learn how to remove 
them on this page

Limitations of the Launcher
The launcher can only display around 500 items at a time. So if you have more, they drop off the list. Use the 'Sims' tab. This will reload 500 items without showing patterns, objects, lots and uncategorized content.

If they STILL aren't showing, the only known option is to delete accessories, make-up and shoes you don't use. If you've downloaded this much content from the exchange there's bound to be items you can ditch.

Bad CC still in game after being deleted

There's a folder called 'SavedSims' if any of these sims happen to be wearing the bad cc you've removed, it still shows in the game. 

Take the sims out of the folder, but don't delete them just in case something you like disappears with them. (files that delete with sims) Sit them on the desktop so they're easy to find. Run the game and if this has fixed the bad cc but taken things you like, you can just pop them back in the folder, take off the things you like and save to a clean sim, then go ahead and delete them.

You MUST make sure the 0x code associated to the bad cc you have has been deleted BEFORE you save a new sim. They can stick to the new sims you create, without being worn. Remember these files 'hide' on sims, this is how you got them. Once the 0x code has gone, that file can no longer be saved. Even if you tried to save it, it simply won't be there.


  1. This has been so much help, thanks!

  2. I dont have any of these bad cc that you gave names installed and my baby still have glitches. What can I do now??? Help please!!!

    1. I haven't hardly listed any in this post. Did you mean the list in baby glitches post?

      There's another list with even more, but its' just the launcher icons and the 0x codes on this page, its by crinrict

      Try those. If it's none of them, can you show me what item you have in CAS? Then I can try to find the right launcher icon for you.

      If you press the printscreen (prtscr) button, when you are in CAS - which should at the top of the keyboard after the F12 key.. then open paint, press Ctrl and V, it will paste a screenshot of CAS. Then send it to me

  3. Hi, Great blog, you have helped me out so much, but when the baby or toddler changes clothes that crazy glitch comes out of the deformed body, I have looked for the one with whole peice bathing suite, but file doesnt match the one you have up, (in backup file) could it be it was changed, maybe? I would like it deleted ASAP, it is driving me nuts!! And thanks again! Great site! :}

    1. Hi Andrew, try this list for more bad cc's its by crinrict, not me sadly :) It's just launcher icons, I've covered the ones that aren't obvious the rest in the list are pretty obvious which CAS item they relate to

      I haven't done testing for a while, there could well be new files floating about.
      If you know how to do screenshots (printscreen button, open paint press ctr and V together) Send it to me - stealthette@yahoo.con and I'll see what I can find out about it.

      I'm getting my internet connection cut off between now and two times they didn't give an exact date. I'm only taking a break for a month or so, just because I've become a check-a-holic on most sites and 9 times out of 10 theres nothing TO check! lol, I think the break will do me good, but I will keep an eye on my email via the library, it just wont be as often.

  4. its still not working and my baby is still gliched

    1. He Riley, please look at this list its' by crinrict, my lists only include the cc that has icons in the launcher that are hard to find. The page only shows the launcher icons, but you may be able to figure out what item you have

      I haven't downloaded and tested cc in a few months so there could be a new file around. If you know how to do screen shots (print screen button, the ctr + V into paint) email it to me and I'll see if I can sort it for you.

      You've definitely deleted the sims in the savedsims folder though yeah?

  5. Hey! I didn't really read all the instructions before deleting the boots code, so i'm guessing it is my saved sims causing the glitch. If i delete my saved sims will the glitch be removed? If it isn't removed, how can i remove it?

    1. The code doesn't remove the items from the game. It stops them hiding inside new sims you create and share (that's how they move around) Did you find the item in the launcher and delete it manually?

    2. Yes, i found the item in my launcher then deleted it but then the glitch remained in my game, i suppose i downloaded two people with the item in them.

    3. Hi, I've only played S3 about a month now and am having a terrible time getting rid of the hooker boot bug that I downloaded with either a sim or empty house from the Exchange. I've tried most of the things suggested so far but am still having problems both in finding help and doing the actual fix. If you happen to see this any input would be much appreciated.

      So far: Total downloads are only about 70 sims and a half dozen empty residential lots from the Exchange. I only have base Sims 3 release game installed and patched.
      I used the Crinric bad CC list and removed all I could find from my INSTALLED tab on the launcher.
      I then cut and pasted the file names from her list to the search box of the DC Backup folder and deleted the ones I found there.

      I deleted cache items from the Downloads folder per some other person's list.
      I then went through the Launcher Installed tab and uninstalled everything without a blank Type box. Everything now has some associated Type.

      I installed Custard and Sim PE and per one of the Cimric tutorials tried to view a sim saved to a Desktop folder wearing the bugged boots and tried to view it using Delphi Extractor and Custard and Sim PE. I was able to extract two package files OK but had zero luck using Custard to do ANYTHING (not sure what I'm doing wrong there) and viewing them in SimPE did not give a thumbnail of the bugged item as the tutorial suggested it would.

      The boots were still viewable in Create A Sim. They appeared for women in Shoes TWICE--once with an thumbnail with no icon so that it appears to be part of the base game. Are the knee high boots actually part of the base game?? The second thumbnail had an icon on it of some kind. I forget if it was the folder or the other icon. They appeared for Men only once under Shoes.

      Tonight I tried moving all the Saved Sims to a folder on the Desktop. Not copied, MOVED. (I'm starting to get desperate lol) At that point the boots still appeared in Create A Sims when I restarted the game.

      Next I moved all the Sims3 files from the Downloads folder and dumped them into a Desktop folder as well. I have rechecked the Launcher and while all the Saved Sims now show up with a placeholder there is still clothing, make-up and shoes showing on the Installed tab. I'm not sure why since the custom content is now in a folder on the Desktop.

      When I go into a saved game most of my sims are now black shadows, the bugged baby as well. However his icon shows the half black, half white bugged version of him. When I enter Create A Sim, the bugged knee highs still appear for Women, but not Men. The boot thumbnail now only appears once and without any icon. Does that mean the bugged version is gone and what's left is a Maxis version?

      I'm really at sea as to where to go with this. I don't want to lose weeks of town building but even if I did start over, I still don't understand how to use Custard and PE to prevent a repeat. With Custard I wasn't able to duplicate the print screens you're showing above so am obviously doing something wrong. I can type info into the Custard pop-up window but nothing happens. Thanks for all the info. The posts are helping but I'm not quite getting it yet. :(

    4. Hiya,

      Ok first up, there are a pair of hooker boots with the base game with no icon. The ones that are dodgy have a break through the ankle in the picture in create-a-sim.

      Second, moving things out of the downloads folder doesn't uninstall them. You have to manually select everything in the installed content tab and let the game uninstall them. ALSO - when you have a large amount of items, check the installed content tab again after uninstalling, because all the things that had dropped off the list will now move up and be visible. (The launcher can only show I think its 500 single bits at a time)

      Right BOOTS
      One last suggestion that I need to add to the actual page at some point. IF the boots have had colour or a pattern added to them you get a second install of them in the launcher, and the usual 'day and nighttime shoes' launcher icon doesn't look the same nor is it called the same. In fact it could look like anything.

      GOOD news is, this file type is called STYLE. Nothing ELSE is called STYLE, everything else is SIM, HAIR, OBJECT, BOTTOM, OUTFIT, TOP. When you open the installed content tab, you'll see there's two columns. Item and Type. Look for STYLE in the Type column.

      I've been dressing up some sims with great clothing, giving them 15 outfits each (using dresser/plan outfit in game) I've taken out all the high heels and ballgowns from the athletic section, there's no sleepwear or swimwear where it shouldn't be, and there's no clothes in career. I'm just running them through the game to check they're not in pregnancy or if they are that they show a bump.. but I have quite a few ready for download already.

      If you want to email me I'll send you some pics of all the outfits each is wearing, if you like them I'll give you the links. I have some uploaded to mediafire.

      LAST WORD (honest) Custard is good for checking sims before you install but its really best for checking sims you make and export, more than anything else. I find it a god send for that. It doesn't do anything far as I can tell, other than show you if there are files saved in naked/singed and what ages.

      I just created a lot of new sims, each wearing around 15 different outfits, plus shoes for each outfit, after saving, I open custard, now I can see each clothing item that's in teen AND adult, what's in career mode too. I delete the 0X code, now I can resave them, and they won't contain those files and I don't have to go back in to CAS to figure out what item it is and remove it manually. So anytime you want to 'collect' the good content you have, that's when it comes in really handy, so you're not reinstalling bad files.

      Anyway, hope that's helped, get in touch if you want some clean content.
      I'm going to do a lot of sims with the best of the exchange bits. There's tons of items we all know well, having them all on one sim would be really helpful for most of us, I'm sure ~

    5. Sorry it's such a late reply I haven't been to my blog for ages! Been so busy.

      Anyway, for now, or maybe future reference, in testing bad sims I deliberately saved with everything known to simmer, when I installed say, the hooker boots twice, I don't get two separate files in the launcher. Just one, as if it writes over it, or skips installing a second, third etc

      But, it does install a second if colour or another pattern has been added. In this case the icons I saw all looked different and the names were changed. The only saving grace is that this type of file is called STYLE, and nothing else is, so when scanning through a long list, it's somewhat easy to find.

      When you open the installed content tab, you'll see there's two columns. Item and Type. Look for STYLE in the Type column.

      I'm going to add this find to the actual page shortly.

    6. Hi, thanks for all the great information, first of all! I'm the kind of player who likes to go on sudden impulsive downloading sprees. I don't do it often, but when I do, it's not always wisely so your information has been really helpful to me in the past. I'm hoping you'll be able to help me now as well.

      I've been having a problem with my game in the past few days, getting black flashing when I zoom in, for example, and babies with the black arm syndrome, ever since I downloaded some sims a week ago from what I thought were safe sites. I know...I should have checked them with Custard, but for some reason I didn't, so now I'm paying the price, obviously.

      So I followed the suggestion to create a sim in CAS and dress her with the articles of clothing that I thought were giving me trouble. One was the hooker boots. I know those by sight because I've had trouble in the past with them, but when I searched my DCBackup folder, the code wasn't there. Yet I know they have to be in the game because they have the broken ankle thing. The other was a black, short-sleeved, very low-cut shirt, which I've tried so many times to get rid of but have been unable to find in the Launcher. That one often appears in the shower.

      So I created two sims using the items and exported them, then used Delphy's Custard and Extractor to check them. The first thing I noticed in Custard was that there were two files that looked really off (one had a note that said something about "YAY! Thanks for 400 follows!" or something like that, the other had a name with "Peony" in it). When I checked them in SimPe, one of the files seemed to be a house -- an entire house! -- and the other a plant. How does something like that happen? How could the sim I created be wearing a house? Or is it that the house was somewhere within the file of the shirt or shoes? The good news is that I found both the house and the plant in the Launcher and deleted them.

      I guess my question is...will that take care of it, or is there something else I have to do? Just in the past few weeks I've taken some sims from my game and saved them in the bin, so I guess I'll have to check those as well, right?

    7. Yeah I know about the houses and objects, god only know how they got sticky!

      So what you can do, take out ALL the 0x codes of the objects you can see in custard, then RESAVE the exact same sim and now it will have saved without those objects. Basically any item in the game who's 0x code is missing will not be able to save out of the game. Those items will still be playable in the game, but save them a million times over if you wish, they simply won't be in your new sim or household if the their 0x code is deleted or moved from the dcbackup folder. - At least it is fairly quick to deal with! :)

      Some of them like ornaments, rugs, usually work fine, its the cupboards, beds, tables and chairs that are a bit off at times - I know this from downloading copious amounts of objects from TSR which is where they all seem to originate from.

      For future reference, is go to your installed content tab, select 'objects' tab now you'll see all the objects that hitched a ride on your downloaded sims without all the other content in the way, and you can delete them out the game in one hit. I've actually got some really nice content from these sticky bits.

      It may be that back in December when you first posted here that you deleted the code back then? Also there are a pair of hooker boots that come with the base game. The bad cc hookerboots have a crack in the ankle in Create-a-sim, if you don't see that image in cas, you don't have the boots. If you do, there isn't any other way I know of to find them in the launcher, other than what I've suggested above. It will simply be they are on the list but at the bottom and unable to show.. try selected SIMS tab in installed content, if they still don't show, you'll have to start deleting things. You can deleted whole sims, the content that comes with them will not be deleted, its all unpacked as individual items in the launcher, the sim is really just a saved collection of clothing in one place, the clothing, hair and accessories themselves are individual files and do not need the sim to stay in the game once installed.

      The black top I'm not familiar with. Try colouring it in create-a-sim, you will then get the option to save item.. you have saved it in CAS you can then share it.. once shared you can open it in custard from the exports folder and now you will be able to see the 0x code for it, to check against new sims you make.

  6. thanks! that was driving me nuts, and was also causing the game to glitch out badly...not just the baby. like, static across the screen level glitching.

    1. Yeah I've had a baby stretch out across half the town before! That was impressively annoying :)

  7. Thank you so much for the suggestions! I'll try that with the top. And the boots are definitely the hooker I said, I recognize them on sight because of the break at the ankles. Not only that, but one of my toddlers was wearing them when I went to plan her outfit. Guess I'm going to have to start deleting, because they're definitely in there somewhere, unless they've gone rogue and are now attaching themselves invisibly.

    1. I've been creating good sims. You can actually dress them in 3 outfits per style if you use the dresser/plan outfit in game. 45 outfits per sims pretty good! I spent hours taking out all outfits showing as 'career' then when I played the game realized they already have crappy and ODD outfits in the defaults, - I never noticed base game ball gown in sport career before! So I might as well have kept them lol :) I'm going to upload some soon.

  8. what exactly are these 0x codes you are referring to and where do you find them?

    1. They are found in the documents/ea/sims3/dcbackup folder.

      When you install new custom content, each items code will be generated in the dcbackup folder. This has nothing to do with actual game play, if you delete them all the files will still be in the game.

      The 0x files enabled you to export those files. For example, making a sim and sharing it on the exchange. The 'reason' you should delete them is because the files saved in /naked/singed categories can STICK to sims you create even when the sim is NOT wearing those hookerboots, horsebody or which ever one.

      This is how they spread basically. Most peoples sims who carry the sticky/bad files have no idea the items have attached themselves.

      No Ox code, no save possible.

      For example, if you deleted all the 0x codes from the dcbackup folder, then saved a sim with lots of custom content, all good content, the sims will show thumbnails of the clothing on the exchange, but when someone downloads it and installs it, all they'll get is the sim, no custom content.

      I hope that explains it.

  9. I finally got rid of the hooker boots by pulling out all the .sim files in Saved Sims from that last crazy downloading splurge I did last month. I tried every single method of finding them up till then but just couldn't do it, so I gave up and pulled them. I think they had somehow gone sticky and that's why they weren't in the launcher. But I still have that low-cut black shirt for female sims, and though I don't think it necessarily does anything bad in my game, it's very persistent in showing up on my females before I choose their clothing so I'd really like to get rid of it if I could. BTW, have you ever heard WHY we can't delete clothing within CAS? The icon is there to do it, but yet it doesn't work! It would make this stuff so much easier if we could just delete them in the game itself!

    Anyway, I also now found another weird clothing item, and this is a new one I haven't seen before. It appears in the bottoms category and its icon is a pair of black hands just dangling from the top of the picture! If you choose it (or one of its many recolors -- there are like 7 of them!), it turns the middle part of the sim invisible.

    I put it on a basic pre-made sim along with the low-cut black top and exported it. I put it on the sim in every category I could -- the only ones it wasn't available for were Formal and Outdoor -- and looked at it in Delphy's Custard (I think that's what I used, anyway) but I'm not all that sure what I'm looking for.

    I've seen that you've offered in the past to take a look at files, right? Would you be willing to do that for me with this sim, by any chance? I'd really appreciate it if you could because I'm kind of lost as to what to do about this. Thanks in advance!

    1. I haven't downloaded for testing in a while, my graphics card needs replacing so the game repeatedly black screens on me, I can't wait to get my game back to normal! I even dragged out sim city 4 to play it's that bad.. lol :)

      Yeah send her over. If the sim is too big, use mediafire or something similar. I'll do a few screenshots to show you which one is the top's code.

      Custard doesn't really give you any help as such, it just helps you check files, codes, and where the items are saved. It's mostly useful for checking your own files before you share them.. It's quite time consuming checking downloads are in the right size and category.

      The best way to download content is downloading individually from TSR or one of the artist blogs. On TSR you can see which categories and ages they're in before you download them, even when they are wrong (like in adult and teen for example, or jeans in sleepwear)

      You don't get any extra files, nothing sticks to them. All those sticky files were sticking to the sim skins. No sim, no stickys. It might 'seem' time consuming, but when you think of all the time spent tracking down crap files, or worse, putting up with them! PLUS you then have copies of the clothing instead of wondering which top you like is on what sim.. or spending hours in CAS collecting all the stuff you like.

    2. Hi, I've been dying to delete the low-cut black top because it's absolutely horrible when showering. Also I'm trying to delete a above knee length skirt with a line of panther print at the bottom of it. I have no idea how I got either of them.. Anyways. I'm really happy that I found someone as unfortunate as me who also has the top.
      Now I've been trying to locate and destroy the top by checking all of my custom made sims (less than 20), but I can't seem to find it. I'm not sure if you've helped Jude already or whether you can help me since I don't have Custard. I can't install it because I play the sims on my macbook and Custard does NOT want to go on there :(

      So, if you can, please help me?

    3. Yeah I did.
      If you can dress any sim in those outfits, send them to
      I can then install them and send you back the launcher images you need to look for. But also.. check the folder called ea/sims3/savedsims.. take them out the folder, don't delete straight away in case something good disappears as well. (you can always pop them back in the folder, save the something good to another sim and reinstall to the game THEN delete the savedsims folder items)

      I ended up making a load of sims for Jude with quite a few skills and up 3 outfits per style (everyday,formal etc) I did adult females, teen girls and boys, a guy and two kids, boy and girl. I can send you the images of the outfits and if you want to download them I'll send you the links.

  10. hi, i have the problem with the hooker boots, i have looked through the installed part of the launcher like 20 times and i do not see them, i deleted the 0x file of the boots, so since i deleted that file will the boots still appear on new infant babies that my sims have now, cause when i pull the infant babies into cas through the master controller the hooker boots are the only shoe selection for the infant babies, so i cant choose any other shoes to put on them, i am so desperate at this point i just want the freakin babies to look normal

    1. The launcher can only show you up to 500 items at a time. It's highly likely, if you know you have NEVER removed them from the launcher, that this is the problem. The only thing you can do is start removing other items.. like ear-rings, necklesses, and things that you won't miss if they're gone, this will shorten the list and the boots will eventually show.

      You know what the icon for the hooker boots is right? If not view it here

      If you know you already took them out, then check the documents/ea/sims3/savedsims folder, remove sims from there. Sometimes after something is deleted, if a sim in that folder is wearing the item it will still show in the game, but not in the launcher.

      Just take them out first instead of deleting, incase other content you have goes with them. (you can place them back in the folder and save items before you delete them permanently)

    2. Also about the launcher.. select SIMS on the installed content tab. Other wise you list of 500 items includes, patterns, objects and so on.. You got more chance of having the boots show on the list without all those in it.

  11. I want to see whether you saw my last comment, so this is a test comment.

  12. i have the cas vampire and i deleted it from g ame and hooker boots and all that junk but it still showsup

    another prob is my sims have the OUTFIT of the naked skin. and my skins are compatible so it shows the nipples and all of that............ AND THEY ALAWAYS WEAR IT
    i cant find someone that has a pinpoint for it.
    can u help me.. people are counting on me to get the glitches fixed so i can conutine making vids

    1. When you removed the items, did you remove them from the launcher? and
      Have you tried removing any sims for the documents/ea/sims3/savedsims folder?