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  1. To remove bad cc you can see in create-a-sim - Delete from the Launcher
  2. To prevent files reattaching themselves after removal - Delete 0x codes
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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sims 3 Remove Naked bottoms, shymoo and lace-up boots

#1: 0x1223f7af9272407064014fe09f55be2d.package 
#2: 0xf285e11a810b08ea21de0fd5d54fe60b.package
#3: 0xcb53efe8246b86f0dbc873d816fbd956.package



In Create a Sim, if the Nude bottoms or tops have this symbol, the file is a sim3pack file and will be in your launcher.

Find the images above in your launcher and delete them to stop them loading in the game 

You can delete the codes to clean up your dcbackup folder, this stops them being hidden in to your creations.

If the nude items have this symbol they are Package files. This means they do Not show in the launcher. They have unpacked from a Sim or item on a Sim.

The only way to delete them is to delete the Sim they unpacked from. You can delete your custom Sims one by one from create a sim, pre-made menu. Then reinstall the clean Sims when you've found it. 

Note: All other package files that came with that Sim will also be deleted, you may want to save some clothing or hair to a new clean Sim, do this AFTER you delete the codes from the DCbackup folder. They stick to new Sims


Launcher images for Shymoo
and lace up boots


Looking for Good Cc?


  1. Replies
    1. You're welcome. They drove me mad for months! =)

    2. Another one that is bad cc is the Taylor swift Love story tee i have a pic of it from the uploader but dont know how to send it to you hopefully more people start putting pics up of bad cc and sorry i didnt know the code for it before i got rid of it :/

    3. Yes hun Im familiar with it, I have it in some of my other posts Thank you though! =)

  2. there is a new naked bottom in town and its affecting male sims.

    1. Hiya Whisker. Thanks for letting me know. I found a package file of a nude bottom and I've added it to the post with instructions.. it has to be deleted in a different way to the other nude files.
      Thanks again x

  3. I absolutely hate these weird CC items especially the boots lol! they cause so many glitches... Lol who creates these bad cc's?

    1. I don't think they are created maliciously.
      When you make CC on TSR's program you have the option of what ages and clothing types to put it in.

      The ones that stick are always categorized in every possible category. I think newbies think that if they select all options the clothes will just work, but they don't because its a completely different mesh for ages and sexes.

      I think the reason they stick is because the game thinks they are like the real nudes you see in the shower with pixels over the top. - I can't think of another reason why they would stick.

  4. Thanks SO much. I've been looking all over for instructions as simple as this, just showing pictures. I am ecstatic I could get rid of these weird CCs! They scare the hell out of me whenever I see a toddler look all messed up.

  5. Hi! Thanks for the information! I still have a problem with the lace-up boots on my baby though. Since they had the sims3pack symbol, I found and uninstalled them through the launcher, but then I went to create-a-sim to find that the boots now had the package symbol! So I found out which pre-made sim came with the boots using custard and uninstalled it, but the boots were still there! I checked to see if any other pre-made sim came with the package number for the boots but none of them did.

    What should I do? Should I delete my baby :( ? Should I uninstall then reinstall the game? Or should I just try harder and look for other files that may have came with it?

    1. No, check the folder ea/sims3/savedsims If any in there are wearing the boots they'll still show in the game. This is usually the last place to check and they should be gone after.

    2. Lift everything out of the folder on to the desktop first before deleting, just incase they have any other files you like on them (package files, like hair and things) if they don't just delete them, if they do pop them back in the /savedsims folder and save the items you want to keep on to another sim. The sim will be saved in the exports folder, double click to install it after you've deleted the savedsims

  6. How do you make sure the CC you want to keep stays with the sim you create? Make sense? You know, how sometimes you can download a sim and you don't get all the CC you see on them. How do you prevent that?

    1. You can't really unless you have the correct store content or extension pack content.
      Look for sims with the same store content and extension packs that you have.

      When an item is made, the creator first selects for instance, a shirt, dress whatever from the game. This could be a base game item, store item or extension pack item. Then they create their design over the top of that using a couple of different programs.

      If they use an item from an extension pack or store item that you don't have.. then it isn't able to install itself in to your game.

      Hope that helps.

      If you go to which is now all free, you won't have this issue.

  7. Thank you a million times over! I have been trying to get rid of hte boots but had no idea what they were called, and they don't look like their icon in the game. You are brilliant :)