Removing CC Tips

  1. To remove bad cc you can see in create-a-sim - Delete from the Launcher
  2. To prevent files reattaching themselves after removal - Delete 0x codes
  3. How to remove files not showing in the launcher Read More...

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Remove Shymoo

You need to remove this shymoo file via the Launcher

To remove from your game you must delete from the Launcher
To prevent the file attaching as a hidden file to new Sims you create, remove the 0x code 


  1. Is this from sims resource or from

    1. I've downloaded it from the Exchange only so far, on various sims.

      I honestly do not know if it Originates from I would assume so by the name. But the content on shymoo is usually good where as this file sticks to newly created sims.

      I have a suspicion that any files categorized in all dress sizes, all ages, naked, singed and career-all automatically stick to the Sims you create in game when you save them to your Export folder.

      But.. testing still.