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Friday, 5 October 2012

Sims 3 Super Cute Toddler outfits (Free)

For Sim 3 PC

Some of my favourite Sims 3 Toddler outfits made by artists on theSimsResource website. The custom clothes on this page are free to download from TSR. 

I like using TSR because the files are the same as the exchange, so they are easy to install! They are Sims3packs. If you download Sets they come as RAR files. See How to unpack RAR files


All toddler outfits By Ireveles18 

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by Punie


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Creations: 14
Downloads 340,111

 ~ More Free toddler Clothes ~
By Weekly
By Weekly
By Weekly

I'll add some more to this post a little later =)

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