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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sims 3: Invisible feet!

There are more than one files that make sims walk around town with no feet
Sadly customs's with this icon can't be deleted from the launcher, it isn't in there.
Read more about the difference between the icons here

How to Remove
The original package is called NewMesh_Rose_shoes002.package, (according Crinrict
If these shoes came with a sim from the exchange then you'll need to remove the Sim they came with to get rid of them. You won't lose the normal cc in the launcher (unless you select it) 

If you don't know which Sim it came with and are struggling to find it, to save having to delete them all, you could try out these filtering tips.

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1. In Create-a-Sim Select your custom Sims and check through their outfits. If you're not sure if you've found the right shoe, try to colour it. In the paint palette you will see the shoes in the top left of the screen. 

2. For huge amounts of Sims try Opening The Sims 3 'downloads' folder. Click the 'date' tab to help you narrow down which group of Sims likely has them. You can remove the files from the downloads folder if you wish but you'll still need to un-install them via the launcher (or cas) to get them out the game.

Note: You will lose any other 'unpackaged' files (Symbol above) that also came with it. Including hair and make up. Sadly, there's no way to take the bad ones out individually. But you can remove any good content with this icon and save it on another Sim, then reinstall the saved sim after you delete the original. 

If you delete the sim wearing them via create-a-sim the shoes will go from CAS immediately, but you may still see the invisible feet on random selection or sims around the town until you shut down and reload the game. 

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